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An Interview with Paul Aurand

Paul Aurand IACT June 2011 interview           Paul Aurand is the former President and lead trainer of The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. He is the Founder and Director of the Holistic Healing Center in New York City and has over 30 years experience as a healer, hypnotherapist, and counselor.

Based in New York City, Paul Aurand, MHt, is a dynamic educator, an award-winning Master Hypnotherapist, and Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor who has worked in the field for over 30 years. He has been honored as both “Therapist of the Year” and “Hypnotherapist of the Year.”

Mr. Aurand teaches and lectures widely in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa, and Japan. He has been featured on both radio and television for his unique work with The Body Wisdom Process — a synergistic combining of hypnotherapy, interactive guided imagery, and healing touch.

We’ve asked Mr. Aurand to talk to us about this process.

 Awaken the Healer Within – The Body Wisdom Process

An Interview with Paul Aurand 

IACT: How very fortunate we are to have the opportunity to talk to you today. We know this topic is very near and dear to your heart. Let’s begin by asking how you came to develop the Body Wisdom Process?

PA: I truly appreciate the opportunity.  

Almost 20 years ago I was a staff Hypnotherapist in an integrative medical office. The doctor who headed the team specialized in patients with chronic illness or chronic pain. I was seeing 8-10 patients a day with conditions like fibromyalgia, PTSD, chronic fatigue, migraines, and multiple chemical allergies. Our patients were usually those who were deemed incurable by traditional western medicine, and were pursuing alternative treatments.

I saw patients go from one practitioner to another, trying to get relief, but with only minor or temporary improvements. This just wasn’t good enough.

Even with hypnotherapy I found I was doing primarily symptomatic treatments. I was using all of the tools I’d learned in my hypnotherapy training: hypnoanesthesia, pain management, stress reduction, even parts therapy, and still the results were unacceptable.

So, I began to take a new approach. Rather than attempting to numb or remove the pain or illness, I began to explore a process to assist the patient in a dialogue with their body and the source of their condition. In time this developed into what is now known as “Awakening the Healer Within — The Body Wisdom Process.”

IACT: What IS the Body Wisdom Process?

PA: The Body Wisdom Process is a unique method that helps a client achieve an expanded state of consciousness, become an objective observer, and travel to the “source” of the trouble. Once there, we facilitate a dialogue with the body to find out what its message is and to find a solution to the condition. These insights and solutions come from a place beyond the limited conscious mind. They come directly from the body’s own inner wisdom.

IACT: I’ve heard you lecture on this topic. At the time you gave an excellent example of the Body Wisdom Process — likening it to the movie “The Fantastic Voyage.” Can you explain that further?

PA: The fantastic voyage is an excellent metaphor. In the movie a team of experts is shrunken and injected into the patient’s body to locate and resolve a life-threatening illness. In the Body Wisdom Process we metaphorically shrink the consciousness down enough to travel easily inside the body and to locate the source of the condition. Once we’ve located the source, we carry on a very specific dialogue with it to find out its cause and what it needs to heal.

IACT: Do you have a case history to share?

PA: About ten years ago I worked with someone who had a rare form of abdominal cancer. He had just been accepted into a medical study for a new targeted chemotherapy. He was traveling weekly from San Francisco to NYC for this treatment. 

He contacted me about doing the Body Wisdom Process during one of his visits.

When he shrank his consciousness and traveled inside his body to the source of the condition, he found himself in the middle of a pool of bubbling reddish liquid, something between lava and sludge. As we conducted a dialogue with the red liquid, it said he had swallowed his anger for years and years, and this internalized, unexpressed anger was the root of his illness. It told him he needed to find some way to externalize and express this anger. It also gave him very specific directions about some much-needed changes in his life.

One of the essential steps in the Body Wisdom Process is to tell the body “I hear you” “I get the message and I will act on it!”  He promised his body to make these changes, and then we did some anger release work and healing imagery for his belly.

I taught him how to repeat this process for himself, and he continued to do this on a daily basis for weeks.

When I was in California last month to teach a regression course, I had the opportunity to meet him again. With tears in his eyes and the biggest hug you can imagine, he told me that of over 100 people entered into his drug trial, he is the sole survivor

Now, that’s the power of this work.

IACT: That’s truly an amazing result. What final thoughts would you like to share with regard to the Body Wisdom Process?

PA: The Body Wisdom Process is a relatively simple and very effective method that goes right to the source of the problem. It’s a completely client-centered approach that empowers clients to hear what their body is saying to them about the causes and solutions to their problem. It’s an important tool that should be in every Hypnotherapist’s tool kit. 

IACT: We appreciate your time in granting this interview on the Body Wisdom Process. On behalf of our entire member-base, we thank you!

PA: It’s truly a pleasure. Thank you for being the best Hypnotherapy association in the world.

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