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Life Between Lives

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

During a Life Between Lives (LBL) session, you will go beyond exploring this life or a past life, and come to realize your identity as an eternal Soul. You will actually experience your eternal Soul, which has taken on successive individual lives in the quest for growth and evolution.

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy was defined by Dr. Michael Newton, who found, through 7000 individual client case studies, that Soul memories are stored deep in our super-consciousness.  We only access these memories when guided even deeper into our awareness than in Past Life Exploration or Transformational Hypnotherapy sessions.  Depth is the key to the LBL session.

During this heightened state of perception and understanding, you can find your own answers to the age-old questions of “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What happens to me after I die?”

Journey of Souls - book cover   Memories of The Afterlife Book Cover - Small (2)

You will revisit the spiritual life that exists between your physical lives. Here, under guidance, you can review your Soul’s journey and gain insight into the actions and choices you have made over lifetimes. During this process of remembrance, information and healing energy emerge. Connection with higher beings, teachers, and guides helps you recognize your challenges in this life, along with your gifts and unique contributions.

This dive into the eternal realm provides deep healing and a fuller experience of Life. In your Life Between Lives session, you may:

  • Meet your Soul Guide
  • Reunite with your family of Souls
  • Receive loving guidance from wise Beings
  • Know your Soul purpose
  • Expand your sense of Life purpose
  • Experience awareness as Soul continues after the death of the body
  • Recognize your special gifts and talents
  • Learn why you chose your present life body and family members
  • Enhance relationships with others in this lifetime
  • Gain greater clarity and resilience in the face of life challenges
  • Achieve a greater sense of peace, understanding, forgiveness, harmony, unity, and love
  • And you may have other experiences, as well.


God's eye
Who is Dr. Newton?
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What is the Life Between Lives session like?
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Billy Hunter

Certified Counseling Therapist in Past Life Exploration and Live Between Lives
–  Member of The Michael Newton Institute, Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy
–  Certified Past Life Exploration Therapist
–  Certified Counselor and Hypnotherapist – International Association of Counselors and Therapists
–  Certified Hypnotherapist  – National Guild of Hypnotists

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