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Past Life Exploration


Past Life Exploration

During a guided hypnosis session, we will journey together into your past lives to discover the beliefs that underlie the behavioral patterns and experiences you have today. During this journey, you will discover and regain hidden talents, as well as other positive attributes you once had, but were lost or unused. In addition, you will identify and release beliefs about yourself and life that have held you back.

Once in a deep and quiet state of awareness, and with guidance from the therapist, you can access the “superconscious” mind, where memories of each lifetime lived are imprinted. As your awareness touches these memories, you may perceive the origins of challenges you experience in your current life.

This process helps unravel the mysteries that lie deep within us, explaining what has been inexplicable. In addition, Past Life Exploration facilitates a deep release and healing. You become freer of the stresses in past lives, and more aware of your strengths. Past Life Exploration can enhance your inner peace.

The following videos will help you understand Past Life Exploration. In the session shown in two parts, a woman accesses memories of her life as a notable saint in Middle Ages Germany:

In this video, Dr. Michael Newton presents his first experiences as a Past Life Therapist:

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Billy Hunter

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in Transformational, Past Life, and Live Between Lives® Hypnosis therapies:

–  Member of The Michael Newton Institute, Life Between Lives® Therapy
–  Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
–  Certified Hypnotherapist – International Association of Counselors and Therapists

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