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 Thank you Billy dear…  I thought I would tell you my thoughts on this work you do and refer to my 3 sessions I did with you a year ago…..  I have found that the information, the verbal interactions, and visuals that took place in the sessions, and the relationship connections to my present day that the sessions revealed to me have served me well since we sat together.  Honestly, again and again, And again!  The understandings for me just keep on being relevant. I don’t know how to explain it more. But, I am sure you get it.

Stacey K.


During my session with  Billy, I gracefully settled into a very natural and organic connection with Universal Being, a state of unconditional Love and acceptance of full responsibility for all of ‘MY’ creations. Peace, sweet Peace enveloped me. Thank you Billy, for holding the Presence and your guidance.

                 ~ Bernadette C.

The question I asked at the beginning of my session was answered in the most beautiful way.  My soul group all shared the same simple purpose: they were the unabashed lovers of God, the poets, the dancers, the fools of God on earth. Simple, humble and exalted in their purpose.  As a result of this clear, very real experience, all the doubts and concerns that had clouded the many simple acts of service and devotion that make up my daily routine vanished, because I could see (and serve) God himself blazing, unobstructed, in the eyes of my disabled spouse.

                   ~ Kathy B.

My personal experience with Life between lives / regression therapy has been very beneficial in my personal life. The therapy session I received helped me to actualize many of the problems and roadblocks preventing me from becoming a better student, a better worker, and even a better father. My session opened my eyes to many of the obstacles that were preventing me from achieving some of the major goals I had set for myself in life. Since my session, I have made great strides in achieving many of these goals, and I am very thankful to have received help and guidance in this process of bettering my life.

                   ~ James H.


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Billy Hunter
Certified Therapist 
in Regression, Past Life, and Live Between Lives®
–  Member of The Michael Newton Institute, Life Between Lives® Therapy
–  Certified Past Life Regression Therapist
–  Certified Hypnotherapist – International Association of Counselors and Therapists

Co-Director of Fairfield Wellness Centre
104 South 2nd Street
Fairfield Iowa 52556 USA
+1 515 360 4413