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Transformational Hypnotherapy

The practice of Transformational Hypnotherapy and Counseling relies on going to the root causes of habits, anxieties, fears, and limiting beliefs that we hold in our lives. In this work, the client finds these causes within his or her own subconscious.

Many of us have encountered the effort and repetition required to change a belief or habit we live with in our daily lives. Giving us this difficult task is often how modern psychotherapy works. However, during Transformational Hypnotherapy, we discover root causes for our beliefs, and can choose to release or accept these beliefs at this subtle level.

Choices we make on this subtle, or subconscious, level have a greater scope and impact on our lives than myriad choices we make in our waking-state, daily lives. On that more superficial level, we are usually acting out of our beliefs automatically.

During a hypnotherapy session, I lead the client though a guided, meditative process that enables the mind and body to settle, and the awareness to become unfettered.

As the client moves into his or her subconscious, layers of “truth” about his experiences and beliefs open to him. It is not unusual for a client to feel “ahaa” during or after a session. When we can see what drives our beliefs and behavior on this subtle level, we can more easily make far-ranging choices. We can choose to hold onto that which serves us, and release that which hinders us.

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Billy Hunter

Certified Counseling Therapist in Past Life Exploration and Live Between Lives
–  Member of The Michael Newton Institute, Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy
–  Certified Past Regression Therapist
–  Certified Counselor and Hypnotherapist – International Association of Counselors and Therapists
–  Certified Hypnotherapist  – National Guild of Hypnotists

Co-Director of Fairfield Wellness Centre
104 South 2nd Street
Fairfield Iowa 52556 USA
+1 515 360 4413